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Society constantly sends us messages on beauty, relationships, careers, and life choices. With all the pressure on women to live up to media standards, we're left asking, can you really have it all? Join youth mentors and good friends, Candice Henry and Jennifer Joslyn, as they discuss what it means to be young women who follow God's call of leadership on their lives. Candice, a former pageant winner, and Jenni, a former model and actress, know what it's like to live under the expectations of society's standards. They invite you to join the conversation as they share their experiences and  secrets to true beauty, finding success, and living a fulfilling life. From Me To You will guide you through a two-week exploration of beauty and body image, careers, relationships, friendships, and other life lessons from a faith-based perspective. Candice and Jenni encourage you to embrace your passion, purpose, and greatness within.  

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Candice Henry is an author and communicator with a passion for youth leadership development. She enjoys investing into the lives of young women and has spoken at multiple conferences for teens. Candice graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and is completing her Master's Degree in Executive Leadership through Liberty University. She has been involved in youth leadership training for 13 years and youth ministry for 4 years. As a former Miss Liberty and an avid blogger, Candice combines her writing and communication skills to share truths about beauty, purpose, and achieving your dreams. She also enjoys traveling, event styling, and reading.


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Jenni Joslyn is an author and an entrepreneur with a passion for uplifting the next generation of leaders. As a professional child model and actress, Jenni went on to study biochemistry and political science in college. She was also trained in dance and had an opportunity to perform in San Diego with the Russian Moscow Ballet. Jenni then paid her experience forward by teaching afterschool dance programs to elementary school children. A few years ago, Jenni launched her company, Next Jen, which oversees her much-visited lifestyle blog and promotes health, wellness, and financial independence across all age groups. Her hobbies include writing works of fiction, golfing, and traveling. Jenni has an affinity for worn boots, warm beverages, and inspiring company.


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Follow her on Instagram & Twitter: @jennijoslyn

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